Training services

Stadia Global Partnership provides leading industry bespoke trainers who have accrued years of practical teaching experience.

Expert Training Team for Effective Learning and Application

Our skilled and carefully selected training team are hand-picked for their ability to impart knowledge in a positive and interactive learning environment, which ensures delegates can apply what they have been taught effectively.

Training can be provided nationally and internationally for all manner of events either at our training school or at the client’s premises.

Our Bespoke Training courses include:

Bespoke Crowd management Safety training specific to your needs
Crowd Safety Briefings
Road traffic marshalling
Vehicle banksman training
First aid training
Emergency responder training
Mobile radio communication training
Evacuation and Invacuation Training
Celebrity Protection Training
Risk Assessment training
Environmental awareness training
Sustainability training
Professional Certificate in Crowd Management Planning

Health, Safety, Environmental and Sustainability

Training services

Project management

Event management